Billy Dalto

Billy Dalto has received nearly $80,000 from polluters and their PACs.

Billy Dalto has received an extraordinary $79,500 from polluters and PACs representing polluters – just in the last year. This represents more than $1 out of every $3 he’s raised.

Billy Dalto has received more than $6,000 from our worst polluters – those who’ve violated the law.

$6,750 of Dalto’s contributions over the last year have been from companies fined by the Department of Environmental Quality or the Environmental Protection Agency for violation of various pollution laws.

Some polluters try to hide the extent of their donations to candidates by using other PACs as conduits.

Example: Victory PAC. Victory PAC’s treasurer is Dale Riddle who has a long association leading anti-environment causes. While Victory PAC has revenue from some businesses that aren’t among the state’s major polluters, at least $122,000 of its contributions in the last year have been from major timber companies and sand & gravel extractors. Check out the list of polluter contributors to Victory PAC.

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