Debi Farr

Debi Farr has received more than $33,000 from polluters and their PACs.

Debi Farr’s campaign has received $33,250 from polluters and PACs representing polluters – just in the last year. This represents nearly $1 out of every $3 she has raised.

Polluters who benefit from Farr-backed tax breaks are funding the Farr campaign.

In her first session, Debi Farr voted to give tax breaks to major polluters. [HB 3481 MR, 7/21/2005]. Over the last few decades, the state has effectively given away $630 million in our tax dollars through the pollution control tax credit.

Some of these companies and the PACs representing them are now giving to Farr, totaling at least $3,000 in contributions.

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