Ron Saxton

Ron Saxton has received more than $2.3 million from polluters and their PACs.

Through October 22nd, Ron Saxton has received $2,362,767 from polluters and their PACs. This represents more than $1 out of every $3 he’s raised.

Ron Saxton has received more than $1.5 million from Oregon’s worst polluters – those who’ve violated the law.

A majority of his polluter funders are among Oregon’s worst polluters – companies that have been fined for violating state or federal anti-pollution laws. Saxton has received $1,564,020 from law-violators.

When Saxton boldly declares on television that “illegal means illegal,” doesn't that apply to companies that endanger our health by illegally polluting our air and water?

The flood of polluter money behind Ron Saxton helps explain his anti-environment views

Ron Saxton thinks that technologies used to produce alternative energy, such as wind and solar are "gimmicks". Register Guard, 8/28/2006.

Saxton in his own words: "To be really blunt with you, I'm not running for governor to deal with global warming,” speaking to a business group, Oregonian, 9/20/2006.

Saxton opposes new clean air emission standards to reduce our dependence on foreigin oil and protect our air. Republican and Democratic governors across the country are pushing these safeguards, but Saxton says we should rely on George Bush. "I don't think the state's the right place to do it," Saxton said of efforts to curb global warming. Salem Statesman-Journal, 10/18/2006

Saxton would significantly expand logging our forests, and opposes Clinton-era safeguards to protect wild roadless forests, threatening the drinking water for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. OLCV Blog 

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