Jim Torrey

Jim Torrey has received more than $170,000 from polluters and their PACs.

Jim Torrey’s campaign has received $172,752 from polluters and PACs representing polluters – just in the last year. This represents almost $1 out of every $3 he’s raised.

Jim Torrey has received more than $28,000 from Oregon’s worst polluters – those who’ve violated the law.

$28,250 of Torrey’s contributions over the last year have been from companies fined in recent years by the Department of Environmental Quality or the Environmental Protection Agency for violation of various pollution laws.

Check the record

Torrey claims to be a moderate, but he has a long history of opposing your right to know about toxic chemicals, and siding with developers over citizens as Mayor.

Check out his record. Get the truth. Read more about Jim Torrey's record.

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