Good question.

As newspapers report on beer & wine lobbyists giving all-expenses paid trips to Hawaii to Oregon legislators, we asked:

What about campaign contributions from corporate polluters? What does that buy? More pollution? Tax breaks? Both!?

We looked at a number of politicians facing tough races and looked at their contributions through September 21st. What did we find?

Too many Oregon politicians are in the pocket of corporate polluters.

The donations give every appearance of being an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" song and dance. Here's just two examples:

The Tax Break Three-Step

1. Corporate polluters donate tens of thousands of dollars to the candidate.

2. The candidate votes to give those polluters major new tax breaks.

3. More donations flow.

The Oil Addiction Three-Step

1. Oil companies support candidates

2. The candidate votes to kill efforts to promote alternative bio-fuels for our cars and trucks

3. The oil companies give more donations to the candidate.

It's time for a change. This song and dance is poisoning our air and water!